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Always Wanting lyrics
Sept 20, 2014

It's been a while!

More To Say lyrics

A collaboration between Syngularity and Mike. Perhaps my first international collaborative effort. Pascal of Syngularity supplied a great track looking to add vocals and lyrics. This was a great project. Hopefully, you'll hear more Syngularity/Mike efforts in the future!

No Connection lyrics

This is another "two ships passing in the night" song. This was the first original song I recorded, but it's gone through a few iterations since.

Need Love lyrics

This would be one of the simplest, and quickest songs I've ever put together. It's even a little bit catchy.

Waiting in Line lyrics

Here's an attempt at pop-rock. It's somewhat formulaic, but was a fun production to do.

Remember Me lyrics

I've got to redo this with out the coral sitar sound, but for now...

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