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Progress One lyrics

This song is intended as an artsy interpretation of the first few chapters of the book The Pilgrim's Progress. It is admittedly melodramatic, attempting to capture a feeling of distance and desperation.


Ruminations on the life and plight of John Newton and those affected by his life. Musically, this contains vocals by my wife and then 11 year old son (Cheryl and Jake), as well as my first simple sax solo.

The Dream lyrics

Living the dream... nothing is enough... and everything is too much.

Where I Am lyrics

Sometimes a person feels like Job; life can be very difficult, and rather than friends helping, some offer to you that had you not done something terribly bad, you'd not be facing the harsh realities before you (which doesn't help as much as they might suspect). Perhaps it's the human inclination that everything ought to be fair in this life, or perhaps a defensive reflex that lets the person assume that any negative occurrence can easily be remedied by adjusting some habits.

By the Rivers

Another over-the-top adaptation of Psalm 137 (with a little of Revelation 17 thrown in for good measure).

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