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Mike Lockett is a unique, experimental recording artist with a desire to make highly creative music that expresses individual feelings in an artistic way.

The songs posted here are original, progressive-oriented songs, sometimes "over-the-top," blending numerous musical styles together in complementary fashion, expressing feelings and thoughts that are common to many people, but communicated in a new and fresh way.

Latest News:

15 Sept 2010

Syngularity is preparing to release a new CD feature two songs I did with Pascal. When the artwork and printing is done, I'll put a note up. For info, check out Syngularity.de

12 May 2009

I just finished tracking another collaboration with Syngularity (Pascal Gregory) from Deuschland! It's always fun to work with Pascal.

I've just done a mix, and posted another version of The Dust with Joel Brown playing drums. Thanks Joel!! This version is a bit more dynamic than the last.

6 December 2008

It's been awhile...

About a month ago, I had the privilege of working with Syngularity on a project. Pascal sent me some great tracks from his studio in Germany, and I added some lyrics, vocals and guitar parts, then Pascal mixed it all together. Check it out and let me know what you think!

11 August 2008
Excerpt from the review of "The Dust" (Mike's entry for CPR Volume 3) on AngelicWarlord.com...
"...'The Dust' proves a majestic piece with its creative time changes- drifting between passages driven by an edgy rhythm guitar and others in which keyboards play the more prominent role. A melody on the pronounced side of things will keep you returning time and again. If the artist put out an entire album like this I would buy it...."
15 July 2008

It's official!!! CPR Volume 3 is now available, so don't hesitate to order. CPR3

21 May 2008

I've submitted a new song called The Dust which has been accepted for the upcoming release of CPR Volume 3 (Christian Progressive Rock Volume 3). CPR Volume 3 is a collection of CProg songs from various artists.

The Dust will feature Randy George on bass and Dan Lile on drums; Gene Crout will be doing the mix.

- Mike